Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Malocclusion, or tooth misalignment, can be a serious problem for patients of all ages. When crooked teeth are detected and treated in early childhood, the many subsequent consequences of malocclusion (including tooth damage, improper bite alignment, and more) can largely be avoided later in life. However, many older teen and adult patients can still experience crooked teeth, and Invisalign® clear aligners can help many of straighten their smiles without the need for cumbersome braces! Invisalign® is a system of clear acrylic aligners that are custom designed to guide your teeth into more symmetrical positions.

Traditional orthodontic braces rely on brackets bonded to your teeth and arch wires to provide the pressure necessary to shift them. By contrast, Invisalign® only relies on a series of custom-designed, virtually invisible, and temporarily removable aligners designed to gently shift your teeth in phases. The benefits of clear aligners compared to metal braces include:

  • The aligners are virtually invisible, even upon close inspection.
  • There are no jagged edges to scrape against nearby soft oral tissues.
  • Without arch wires to tighten, Invisalign® treatment requires fewer visits to your dentist’s office.
  • The aligners are removable so you can conveniently brush, floss, and eat the foods you like.

If your teeth are misaligned and you want a straighter smile, but you don’t want to wear traditional braces, then find out if Invisalign® is right for you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Huffstutler today by calling 817-918-3038.