Advanced Dental Technology

As the art and science of dentistry have advanced, technology has played a significant role in the progress. At the office of Steven M. Huffstutler, DDS, we invest in our patients’ wellbeing by investing in advanced technology and materials that help us provide the highest quality of care. Combined with Dr. Huffstutler’s impressive experience, our technology helps us provide top-notch treatment with highly lifelike results and a focus on your optimal safety and comfort. 

Digital X-Rays

X-rays have long been a part of medical and dental diagnoses and treatment planning. Compared to traditional radiology, however, our digital X-ray systems emit up to 90% less radiation, making the process safe even for young children, older patients, and patients with certain medical conditions. The images from a digital X-ray machine are produced instantly, so you don’t have to wait while your pictures are being developed. Also, Dr. Huffstutler can enlarge your digital X-rays to highlight specific areas without losing any of the original image’s resolution.

Intraoral Camera

Even with a skilled and experienced eye, there are areas within your mouth that may be difficult for Dr. Huffstutler to see and thoroughly inspect during your checkup. Therefore, he may employ a tiny, digital intraoral camera, which rests on a thin wand that the doctor can use to maneuver the camera around the inside of your oral cavity. The camera projects digital images of your oral tissues in real time to a chairside monitor, where you and Dr. Huffstutler can view them together.

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