Porcelain Partial/Full Dentures

The more teeth you lose, the more significant the effects on your oral health. For patients who’ve lost a significant amount of teeth, or all of their teeth, partial and full dentures can breathe new life into their smiles with lifelike results. Often made from highly realistic dental porcelain, dentures are designed for the dual purposes of restoring your smile’s appearance and reestablishing the full function of your bite.

While a complete denture consists of an entire row of replacement teeth for your upper or lower dental ridge, a partial is designed to accommodate teeth that are still present. Rather than extract the remaining healthy teeth to make room for a complete denture, Dr. Huffstutler can design a partial that consists of replacement teeth where necessary while fitting around and between your natural teeth. Like a complete denture, a partial may rest on a comfortable, gum colored base, but may also consist of small, hidden clasps for improved support and stability. For patients who qualify, Dr. Huffstutler may recommend dental implants to support their partial or full denture for more comprehensive and realistic results.

If you’ve lost all or a significant amount of teeth on your upper and/or lower dental ridge, then find out if a porcelain partial or full denture is right for you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Huffstutler today by calling 817-918-3038.